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Choosing A Sealy Mattress From Us Will Avoid Any Of These Harrowing Horror Stories!

When you come to Bold Street Beds for a Sealy mattress or any other of our products for that matter such as our Tempur mattresses for sale, you will always receive quality as expected. From a Sealy mattress to a Silentnight bed, we have been the go to company for all kinds of top quality bedding products for numerous years now. Unfortunately, the same level of quality can’t be guaranteed across the country. In fact, some of the stories we’ve heard are sure to make even the toughest skin crawl and with it being Halloween, we thought we’d share just a few of the spookiest stories of bed and mattress nightmares.

Our first spooky story covers one of the most terrifying topics in terms of beds. That’s right, bed bugs. Bed bugs are a common problem amongst homeowners around the world and although they can be ridden considerably easily, the sheer sight of these critters is enough to frighten anyone. One story that stands out more than most occurred when a mother’s son started to complain about itchy marks arising on his arm. After 4 months of continuous complaints of a similar nature, the reality hit them. A bed bug infestation. Although in the end the problem was eradicated, the fact that they had to sleep in a bed coated with bed bugs will be sure to haunt them for a long, long time.

You Won’t Find Any Harrowing Problems With Our Tempur Mattresses For Sale!

One of the most harrowing problems associated with mattresses is mould. Although this is less common than bed bugs, mould growth in mattresses does happen. In one severe case, a young gentlemen suddenly started waking up with bad coughs with no explanation. As you can imagine, this was quite concerning to the man in question. It was only when he was changing the mattress that he noticed a small, black growth in the corner of his mattress. This growth was indeed mould, which explains his sudden coughing episodes. Black mould in homes can cause several respiratory problems such as chest infections and by sleeping on a mouldy surface, you would stand more vulnerable than ever. If you’re wanting rid of your worn and battered mattress, why not visit us in store and browse our range products from big name brands, including our Tempur mattresses for sale. At the moment, Tempur have a promotion on where you can enjoy one of their products for 60 full days as part of a trial. If you aren’t pleased at the end, we’re offering a FULL money back guarantee!

Whether a sensational Sealy mattress takes your pick or if you’re drawn to our range of terrific Tempur mattresses for sale, you can guarantee that whatever you choose, you will receive a bed or mattress that is oozing with quality when you visit Bold Street bed shop in Preston. 

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