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Choose From Our Tempur Mattresses For Sale For The Tempur Trial This Sleeptember!

The middle of September is here, meaning we only have half of Sleeptember left, which is really rubbish. Though the first half of the month has gone by in a flash, you can still make this Sleeptember one to remember. One of the biggest ways you can do this is by taking part in Tempur’s terrific new trial on their Tempur mattresses for sale. This innovate trial allows you, the customer, to try out one of many Tempur mattresses for sale for a full 60 days. If, at the end of the trial, you are impressed, you keep the Tempur mattress at the regular price which you pay at the beginning of the trial. If you aren’t keen for whatever reason on your Tempur mattress of choice (which would be surprising!), you will receive a full money back guarantee from us at Bold Street Beds. This is the perfect opportunity for you to give our Tempur mattresses for sale a try and ultimately receive a better night’s sleep for 60 plus days.

At Bold Street Beds, we stock all the latest and beds Tempur mattresses for sale plus a whole range of top quality Tempur pillows and Tempur beds for sale, so making the right choice on a Tempur mattress for the trial is important, allow us to help. With many brilliant Tempur beds online and in store, you'll be spoilt for choice! If you’re seeking unique comfort and support, look no further than the terrific Tempur Original Deluxe 27 Mattress, from the Original collection. By choosing this mattress, you will experience the prestigious benefits of Tempur’s innovative and unique material that is used in their Tempur mattresses for sale. The combination of the Tempur material which offers a firmer feel and the Tempur soft touch which offers a luxurious feel really ensures a high quality sleep for any user. This Tempur mattress is sure to impress even the most difficult of sleepers. How you ask? The material used reduces bodily stress and pre-existing body pressure by conforming to your body shape and supporting you when you’re comfort levels are maximum. Durability with any mattress is key, and this Tempur mattress offers fantastic levels of durability and Tempur are sure of this with their impressive 15 year guarantee.

As well as the Original Deluxe 27 mattress, we stock and supply a whole range of Tempur mattresses for sale and Tempur beds for sale online & in-store. 

We Are Sure To Supply You With The BEST Tempur Mattress!

Another fantastic Tempur mattress that we supply is the wonderful Tempur Sensation Deluxe 27 Mattress, from the Sensation Deluxe collection. As the collection name may suggest, sensational deluxe can be expected with any Tempur mattress from this collection, no more so than the Sensation Deluxe 27, but what makes this mattress so special? Well, more innovative Tempur technology is added making one of the most technologically terrific Tempur mattresses for sale on the market today. The Tempur Extra Soft material in this mattress makes for supreme comfort whereas the Tempur High Mobility support layer of material combined with the specially cut durable base allows for easy movement and high durability. This mattress also comes with a cover which has been tested against a range substances considered harmful and has come out on top, meeting Oeko-Tex Standards for safety. Like all other Tempur mattresses for sale, this mattress is sure to impress any one across the nation.

If any of these Tempur mattresses for sale appeal to you, or if you may be interested in any other Tempur mattress we supply plus our fantastic Tempur beds for sale online and in-store, simply visit us in store and start your 60 day Tempur trial by choosing the perfect Tempur mattress for you. When you start your Tempur Trial at Bold Street Beds, we'll also throw in a FREE £50 voucher for Tempur mattresses and toppers. If any of our Tempur beds online or in store take your fancy, get in touch. We look forward to your visit!