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Check Out Snaps Of Our Sealy Studio & Become A Deeper Sleeper with Our Sealy Beds For Sale!

All the benefits offered by our Sealy mattresses and beds for sale online are now showcased in their very own bespoke area of Bold Street Beds! View our album on Facebook for all the latest snaps from the showroom!

Whether you simply want a mattress, a double divan or a top of the range Hybrid bed, our Sealy Studio allows you to easily hop between Sealy beds for sale to find your perfect match. Whilst trying out a wide variety of Posturepedic beds, our sleep experts are always on hand with plenty of expert, impartial information to help you make an informed choice – whether you suffer from back pain, or are looking to replace a tired mattress, or have queries about geltex or in a muddle over memory foam! We are dedicated to helping you go to sleep quicker, and stay asleep longer…

The Posturepedic Studio and Bold Street Beds in Preston promotes the importance of becoming a deeper sleeper. All of the brilliant mattresses and divans in store have over a century of their sleep expertise and ingenuity woven in.

Sealy Mattresses

Amongst our Sealy mattresses for sale on display at Bold Street is the unrivalled Hybrid collection. These stunning slumber essentials feature Sealy's most advanced sleep system ever. All Sealy Hybrid's contain Geltex, a unique, patented gel infused foam hailed for its pressure relieving properties and temperature-control technology.

The Sealy Hybrid collection boasts a soft, springy, and cool gel-foam feel to provide optimum support and breathability, leaving you sleeping soundly from the get go.

Sealy have certainly developed a super range of beds that cater to all budgets, requirements and preferences, from the sumptuously soft natural fillings to state of the art Geltex mattresses.

Pop in store to speak to our sleep experts and try out our super comfy, snooze-inducing range of beds and mattresses at our Sealy Posturepedic Studio!