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Can you ever have too much sleep?

Usually concerns are raised when a person is not getting enough sleep but can someone ever have too much sleep?

This is a question which has to be asked; on average people generally feel that eight hours sleep per night is an ideal time to spend in bed on your mattress fast asleep. However new research has now found that sleeping too much could in fact shorten your life span.

More than a million participants took part in a study which saw those who slept for more than eight hours died younger. But it works both ways those who slept for four hours or under also were similarly affected. The allocated time instead which would result in a longer life span was actually six to seven hours per night.

However, although there is research which has suggested that longer time periods spend in bed on your mattress could result in them dying earlier scientists cannot actually explain it.

There are a number of factors which undoubtedly could have an effect on the number of hours sleep and its correlation against age of death. One of the most likely is that which concerns poor diet. Always poor diet has run alongside sleeping habits.

Fatty, artificial foods are likely to cause you to become tired out and run down. Poor diet therefore results in poor energy levels which then results in you sleeping more.

This is probably because when you eat poor foods before bedtime there is more blood and metabolic energy needed to be allocated to the overworked digestive system instead of allowing the brain to sleep. If the brain used this energy and extra blood then you could experience higher quality sleep on your mattress.

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