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Bold Street brings you the best sleep tips – no need to go searching Lytham bed shops for quality shut eye!

May was Better Sleep Month, a period where sleep lovers across industries and, indeed, the world, come together to consult on and share some of the best advice on getting better sleep.

We all know how important it is to get sleep, but it can be easy to neglect it, or list it as the last priority after work and social commitments. We have compiled some of the best tips from those shared in May! For advice on sleep and beds, Bold Street is the place to go, instead of visiting Lytham bed shops.

A quality mattress that suits your individual needs and sleeping patterns is crucial to getting good rest at night. Work out what your budget and your needs are, and simply search in your price range. Do your homework before you begin, you can do this by visiting us in our store in Preston, close to Lytham bed shops to get the best advice.

Our Sleepeezee beds for sale come in all shapes and sizes – pop in to try one out for yourself!

Our range of Sleepeezee beds for sale is a trusted and reliable brand, and with such a huge choice of Sleepeezee beds and Sleepeezee mattresses, there is something for everyone. Prefer a softer embrace in a mattress? Our Sleepeezee beds for sale include the Memory Comfort 800. With 800 pocketed springs, and an extra deep layer of soft-feel memory foam, this soft and supportive mattress is a credit to our Sleepeezee beds for sale, and is affordable as well as comfortable.

Creating an optimum sleeping environment is crucial in getting a good night’s sleep. Small fluctuations in body temperature can be disastrous for getting a good night’s sleep, but with our Sleepeezee beds for sale, temperature control is made simple. The Cool Sensations 1400 mattress has integrated hydrophilic fibres that promote body temperature regulation to keep the body at optimum temperature and reduce feelings of heat, moisture and cold.

It is important to find a store you can trust, and our Bold Street team are experts on sleep and are always happy to help you with advice and recommendations to benefit you. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to make your opinion clear! When looking for Lytham bed shops, many customers find that Bold Street in Preston is a better bet!

It can be helpful to develop a sleep ritual, so that your body is in a clear routine. By repeating this nightly, your body gets used to the pattern and in theory this should promote better sleep and at a regular time every night, maximising your restfulness, and reducing stress. Of course, a purchase of one of our Sleepeezee beds for sale makes the prospect of getting into bed that much more enticing!

Adopting healthy lifestyle traits is a significant factor in how much sleep you get, and what sort of quality it is. Exercising and eating a healthy diet can contribute to better sleep, but most important is to avoid alcohol, nicotine and caffeine close to bed.

For any advice on beds and mattresses including our Sleepeezee beds for sale, don’t hesitate to visit or call us. Our friendly team are always happy to help or provide a quote. For the best bed shops in Preston including the area of Lytham bed shops, come to us in Preston at Bold Street Beds!