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Bold Street Bed Shop in Preston Discovers the Truth around Five Common Sleeping Myths

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of our daily routine. You just can’t beat that freshly woken up feeling, and knowing you are ready to take on the rest of the day. However, especially at this time of year, sleep can be more difficult to come by, and we have a few ideas for when counting those pesky sheep won’t do. Here, your local Preston bed shop (supplying beds in Garstang, Chorley and beyond) goes myth-busting to help you secure your best night’s sleep.


Eight (hours) is the Magic Number

We are constantly told that we need 8 hours of kip a night, but as with everything we humans have varying needs. The way to see how much sleep we truly need is to look at our own sleeping patterns. The optimum time needed to drift off is 15 minutes, any less and we are not getting enough sleep.


TV Can Help You Unwind and Drift Off

Whilst watching TV in bed is tempting, it actually keeps your brain alert for longer, making it more difficult to relax and get a good kip. A great tip to get a soothing slumber is to down all your electronic devices at least an hour prior to hitting the hay.


The Cozier the Better

We all love snuggling up under the duvet on a cold Winter evening, but at this time of year the cooler your bed the better. Your body needs time to regulate its temperature, and ensuring that you start off as cool as possible means your body wastes less time drifting off.


Lie Back and Think of Sleeping

If you struggle to slip into a sound sleep then people often recommend to just simply lie back and wait until you doze off. This often has the opposite effect, increasing anxiety and hampering your chances of drifting back to sleep. Instead, the best thing to do is to read for half an hour to wind down.


Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep

It’s often thought that the more sleep you get, the better for you it is. However, at our bed shop we know that if you are consistently sleeping for over 9-10 hours a night, research has shown that you could be at risk from a number of health issues.


Your sleeping environment is very important to your health and wellbeing. Sleeping in a worn bed or old mattress can seriously hamper your sleep, no matter what you try. So, if you have looked at bed shops Preston wide to no avail, why not pay us a visit at Bold Street Beds to check out our staggering range of beds and mattresses.


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