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Benefit From Our Range Of Brilliant Bedsteads & More In 2015!

Although the first month of 2015 is already closing, there are many reasons to still be excited. First and foremost, Bold Street Beds in Preston are still one of the region’s leading suppliers of all things beds including brilliant bedsteads and more. With fantastic prices on all products from a tremendous Tempur mattress to a DunloPillo pillow, you’re sure to bag a bargain on any of our prestigious products.

Starting with our bedsteads which are available to you in four different materials (wood, fabric, leather and metal), you can expect high quality bedsteads every time for you and your beds alike. All bedsteads and Bold Street Beds are manufactured by the biggest names in the industry including Bentley, Birlea and Julian Bowen. One of our best-selling bedsteads is the wonderful Atlanta Bedstead Oak High Footend from Bentley. This solid wood design features perfect panels which offer organic and earth tones. With a variety of sizes available including king size, double, small double and single, you’re sure to benefit from this bedstead regardless of mattress size. The stunning appearance ensures this bedstead will look magnificent in any given room.

You can visit our bed store in Preston to try out this or any other of our bedsteads in person.

Choose The Perfect Tempur Mattress For You With Bold Street Beds!  

As well as our bedsteads, we’re confident that when you pay us a visit, you’re sure to find the perfect mattress. If you’re looking for outstanding bodily support and comfort, may we recommend a terrific Tempur mattress? With a number of mattresses from Tempur on sale, you’re sure to find nothing but the most perfect Tempur mattress for you and your needs. A best-selling Tempur mattress here at Bold Street Beds is the Tempur Original 21. This mattress guarantees you seek the benefits of Tempur’s innovative and exciting material which is capable of conforming to your body shape, offering maximum support at all times. The sensational support layer of material on this Tempur mattress offers both a soft and firm feel, depending on where you want it.

Like with our Bedsteads and all other products, you will find this or any other Tempur mattress both online and in store. If you’re interested in the products discussed or anything else of ours, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts who are always on hand to help you with your enquiries.