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Beds, Mattresses and Pulling a Sicky!

A survey which plunged into the sleeping secrets of a number of people has revealed that people are so desperate for that extra time in their bed sleeping that they are willing to pay for it!

Now you may well be wondering what on earth I am going on about! However, every year the clocks go back and in October 2010 when they went back it was found that six out of ten respondents to the survey plan to spend this “extra” hour on Sunday enjoying a lie in whilst more than one in three people admitted to throwing a sicky just to get some extra time in bed.

Just under half of the people questioned admitted that they would pay to spend a lazy day in their bed! So much so that 45% of people who are employed would be prepared to pay anything up to £100 and over for that one lazy day on their mattress whether this be pocket sprung, memory foam, latex, open coil or even orthopaedic mattresses.

With those aged 16-24 being the number one offenders, people aged 55 and over were the least likely to pull a sicky! The most interesting fact however of the survey was that although people have this desire to spend extra time in bed they are tight when it comes to the cost of buying a new bed and mattress.

However, the cost of buying a new bed and mattress doesn’t have to break the bank as Boldstreet Beds have a whole range of beds, mattresses and headboards.

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