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Are You Pregnant and Not Sleeping?

If the answer to the above question is yes then keep on reading. Did you know that it has now been proven there is a possibility that pregnant women suffering from disturbed sleep at night when they are on their mattresses could be at risk of giving birth early.

Experts have claimed that the most impact is in the first 14-16 weeks of pregnancy. Poor sleep around this time could lead to premature birth.

The science behind it all is actually that when a person experiences a poor night’s sleep there is inflammation caused in the body and it is this inflammation which in pregnant women actually triggers a process which could then lead onto early childbirth.

Disturbed sleep can be caused by a number of things and obviously being pregnant is not always the most comfortable thing to endure let alone try and sleep, especially in the later stages when your tummy resembles a large mountainous range!

However, if your lack of sleep is caused by an uncomfortable mattress then get yourself down to one of Prestige Bed’s showrooms. Find your nearest one using our handy store locator. It is here where you will find a full range of mattresses and what’s more we strongly advise you to get involved and test them out for yourself.

Through testing them out yourself you can ensure that the mattress you choose is the most suitable for you and comfortable too!

We have some simple hints and tips to help you in the meantime:

Try and carry out regular exercise but not close to bedtime; this will help you to sleep and also with controlling your energy levels.

Although being pregnant means you crave a number of items including food; try and not eat close to bedtime as this will lay heavy and cause you to stay awake not to mention it can give you heartburn.

Pillows are a great way to get yourself comfortable and feel like you’re supported. You can use them wherever you feel you need them. If you have aching hips try placing them between your knees, for support of your tummy place them underneath or alternatively behind your back and under your head.

Try doing something relaxing before bed like drinking a hot milky drink or having a warm bath with relaxing bath oils. Whatever you do make sure it is calming for you.

If you constantly find yourself getting up to use the toilet because your baby has decided to position itself against your bladder then try carrying out some pelvic tilts which can help some of the pressure placed on the bladder.

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