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An Investment: Mattresses

Yes you read it right! Investing in a new, high quality mattress could be one of the most beneficial items that you do actually invest into. Believe it or not you actually spend more time on your mattress than what you may first realise.

Therefore ensuring that your mattress is comfortable and isn’t one which you just had to settle for is extremely important. An average person will actually spend approximately seven to nine hours per night on their mattress.

Boldstreet Beds would like our customers to see that a mattress isn’t just a purchase but rather it is an investment which has a huge impact on your quality of life. We encourage our customers to come to one of our showrooms and actually try out the mattresses before purchasing.

Especially for summer if you do see a mattress that you would like to purchase then quote summer10 and you will receive a *10% discount!

*this discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, terms and conditions apply and the managers decision is final. This offer can be withdrawn at any time.

Although purchasing a mattress should be seen as an investment before visiting a bed shop such as Prestige Bed Shop in Blackburn then you should establish a budget of how much you are looking to spend. Make this realistic and bear in mind that although some mattresses may be seen as cheap, their price tag may well be appealing the actual mattress may well be poor in quality resulting in loss of sleep.

Then you have to ask yourself whether the cheaper option really was worth it, it could end up turning that bargain into a disaster. What is more usually cheaper options degrade quicker and thus need replacing a lot sooner.

Over time you should weigh up whether for example a mattress costing £100 and lasting a year is a bargain when compared to a mattress which costs £400 and lasts five years. Obviously the £400 works out cheaper although not initially.

We have a full range of mattresses for customers to come and try out at our showrooms. Mattresses which include:

For more information then contact us on 01254 681082 or email info@­boldstreetbeds.­co.­uk.