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All The Best Sleeping Tips From Bold Street Beds, Leading Suppliers Of Sealy Beds Online!

We at Bold Street Beds are incredibly passionate about a good night’s sleep. We want nothing but the best possible sleep for our customers and by being the leading suppliers of Sealy beds online and more, we expect nothing less. As well as stocking and supplying a range of fantastic products such as Relyon and Sealy beds online and in-store, we have also collated a list of tips that you can follow to really maximise the quality of your nightly sleep. 

Stick to regular bed time and wake up times. If you’re going to sleep and waking up at different times every day, your body clock will be mixed up. By sticking to set times, your body clock will be much more in check and you can expect to sleep from bed time all the way through to waking up time with no issues.

Avoid daily naps. Understandably, the first thing you wish to do when you get home after a long hard day at work is crash on the sofa for an hour or two. Although this provides relaxation at the time, you will find yourself tossing and turning at night unable to sleep. Let all your tiredness from the day build up to a fantastic sleep at night.

Carry out a relaxing bed time ritual. A relaxing bedtime ritual is different for everyone. Some people choose to read a book where as others tend to watch TV or go on their computers and laptops. It would be a good idea to avoid bright lights such as TV’s or laptops straight before bed as this can cause excitement which will ultimately prevent you from falling asleep quicker and easier.

Sleep on a comfortable bed and mattress. Although this may be stating the obvious, it is always a good idea to sleep on a bed and mattress that you find comfy, don’t settle for second best. If you are sleeping on an uncomfortable bed, you will find yourself waking up more in the night and then finding it more and more difficult to drift off again.

If at the moment you are stuck with an uncomfortable bed, why not check out our range of fantastic products like Sleepeezee and Sealy beds online and in store. We can guarantee that we have the perfect bed or mattress for you. 

Fantastic Silentnight Beds Online And In Store! 

Bold Street Beds, the leading suppliers of Sealy beds online, are proud to be one of Lancashire’s leading suppliers of fantastic beds and mattresses by big name brands, such as Silentnight beds online and even Sealy beds online and in store. Our bed store, located in Preston, features a huge range of top quality beds and mattresses alike. If you are unable to visit our Preston based store, why not visit our website where you can find the same wonderful products like Sealy mattresses and Silentnight beds online.

As well as stocking and supplying a huge number of outstanding products such as Sealy beds online, we also offer a free delivery service within a 30 mile radius of our Preston bed shop. We also offer a recycling bed service in which we take your unwanted old bed from you and recycle it. If this isn’t enough, we will also assemble your new bed absolutely free of charge.

Bold Street Beds are always happy to help with any questions or queries you may have regarding our products and services alike such as the delivery of our Sealy beds online, so get in touch today.