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Adjustable Beds For Everyone!

Adjustable beds are highly recommended for people suffering from disabilities, back pains as well as the elderly in order to make the process of going to bed easier.

Hospital beds are a form of adjustable beds and it is often this thought which puts people off wanting to have one in the home. Although the adjustable bed is highly recommended for the elderly, disabled and the debilitated it is also capturing the attention of everyday people.

When you sleep your environmental stimuli is decreased and you become less aware of it; your core body temperature remains maintained and sleep offers benefits of conserving energy whilst focusing on the relaxation and repair of the body.

Adjustable beds reduce time spent tossing and turning whilst increasing the period of REM sleep which is the time when our body is most relaxed. They offer pain free and easily adjustable positions so that you can get that all important sleep that you deserve.

Believe it or not adjustable beds can actually help with indigestion and the more common reasoning relating to lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain and even sciatica. However, an adjustable bed can simply be for additional comfort and getting a good night’s sleep!

Don’t be put off by the adjustable bed stereotypes, get an adjustable bed platform to sleep on and combine it with a comfortable mattress.

Boldstreet Beds have a full range of adjustable beds and a full range of mattresses.

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